Who is CTF?

Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation (CTF) is a non-profit, private foundation whose mission is to inspire and champion research and education that optimizes clinical outcomes in transfusion medicine and assures a safe and sustainable blood supply for the U.S.  CTF is not affiliated with any blood center or other organization but rather is a free-standing, private foundation. We invite qualified applicants to join us in our efforts to transform transfusion medicine by applying for a grant through our organization.  Please review the Guidelines and Grant Priorities before applying.


CTF will award grants in March and September of each year.  The deadlines for applications are

December 20, for the March awards and, June 20, for the September awards.


Funding Priorities

  • Patient Centric approach to transfusion medicine decision making.
  • Responsible, evidence-based regulatory constructs.
  • Timely, safe, and reliable access to blood products for all patients. 
  • Appropriate attention to donor safety measures.
  • Better understanding of the supply chain and economics underpinning the blood industry.
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