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2020 Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation Grants

Virginia Commonwealth University MLS Program

September 2020: $11,500

Purpose: To provide educational assistance in the form of reagents and supplies and travel expenses related to clinical rotations in flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics.

Old Dominion University School of Clinical Laboratory Science

September 2020: $141,625

Purpose: To improve the student blood bank teaching lab by implementing gel and solid phase testing systems.

Augusta Health School of Clinical Laboratory Science

September 2020: $55,748

Purpose: To replace outdated equipment (20-30 years old) and to purchase additional new equipment for the blood bank section of the student laboratory.

Blood Centers of American (BCA)

June 2020: $10,000

Purpose: Analysis of Blood Industry Response to COVID19 Quarantine

Mississippi Blood Services

May 2020: $1,000

Purpose: Commercial for Importance of Giving Blood

Alliance for Community Transfusion Services (ACTS)

April 2020: $25,000

Purpose: Convalescent Plasma for Treatment of COVID-19 research

Blood Centers of American (BCA)

April 2020: $60,000

Purpose: Development of Industry Data Collection Plan

American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)

March 2020: $36,000

Purpose: COVID-19 eCast – Town Hall Series

Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI)

March 2020: $284,620

Purpose: Study of Alternate Source of Raw Material for Human Platelet Lysate (HPL) For Use In Cell Culture Media


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